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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 26, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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and especially groupthink. it's really hurting this country. dvr if you haven't already. "hannity" takes over an hour from new york city. sean. >> sean: you are not going to want to miss any minute of this show. fox news alert, things are breaking very fast on three big major news stories we are covering tonight. we have new developments in the uranium one scandal. the phony russian propaganda dossier story. the clinton campaign paid for all of this. and conservatives, a huge win. the irs now admitting they were targeted by the obama administration. tea party groups. these massive scandals can no longer be ignored. we will demand answers from all of the people directly involved and that means it's time for hillary clinton and yes, president obama, to come cleane about colluding with the russians and explain why anybody gave vladimir putin 20% of
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america's uranium supply. hillary clinton, high ranking dnc officials all playing downn -- dumb when it comes to the phony, and salacious dossier. we will cover that in tonight's opening monologue. before we get into all of that new information there's a ton of it, i want to remind you that for over a year, democrats and members of the bias -- abusively biased -- t press were all breathlessly talking about trump, russia,re collusion. hysteria breaking out every night. they were acting like it was the worst scandal in american history. meanwhile, there are so many prominent democrats and former obama officials -- in spite of all this -- they were saying there's smoke but no for a year, no evidence. but thousands of hours of television coverage. we knew by listening that it was ovnever true. watch this. >> have you seen anything that suggests collusion between the
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russians and the trump campaign? >> there's an awful lot of smoke, let's put it that way. people might say that they were involved, to what extent the president might have known about these people? there's nothing there from that standpoint that we have seen directly linking our president to any of that. >> last time we spoke, senator, i asked you if you had seen evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and the russians and you said to me "not at this time." has anything changed since we spoke last? >> no, it hasn't. >> there's been no actual evidence yet. >> it has not been. >> by the time i left, i did not see any smoking gun or evidence of collusion. >> is there any evidence of collusion you have seen yet? >> there's a lot of smoke. we have no smoking gun at this point.
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>> sean: see that? despite the destroy-trump-media and their desperate attempt with no evidence, they did not stop breathlessly, hysterically reporting these lies. the so-called "trump-russia"id collusion. >> we have a campaign, the criminal investigation for dealing with a foreign adversary. there is a smell of treason in the air. >> you told "the washington post" that there is a smell of treason in the air. when it comes to this investigation. >> a lot of people are afraid to use the t word, treason. in the end, that's what people are investigating. >> the republican party is actively shielding this treasonous megalomaniac. >> he knows that he has smack in the middle of the investigation having to do with perhaps treasonous activities. >> sean: one of>> the most important things, sadly we concluded that the media and the democrats in this country -- their attacks were purely, purely political.
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they never wanted the truth. we have real evidence the fbi uncovered a russian plot -- we have real evidence. bribery, extortion, blackmail, money laundering, racketeering. they knew in 2009. one year before hillary clinton and obama administration approved this corrupt uranium one deal. what we've learned this week is that the fbi, the department ofs justice, all new in 2009 that this was happening inside our country. they did nothing to stop it. the same democrats, thede same media outlets that were screaming bloody murder for a year, lying to you every day about donald trump, are giving next to zero coverage on this story. keep in mind we have an fbi informant in this case who infiltrated this putin network right here in america. he has evidence, emails, personal recordings. documents.s. insider knowledge of all this. that america's national security was, in fact, compromised at the
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highest our country was sold out right in front of our faces. they let it happen. of course you have the explosivf new details about the phony, fake, salacious dossier. we now know the clinton campaign and the dnc payed over $9 million to help fund these lies. this propaganda hit piece. that the russian government sources gave them. make no mistake, this was nothing short of a collaborative effort with the russians to manipulate the outcome of the last presidential election. and we have the proof. also, we have to point something out. since everyone is so worried about russia, collusion, isn't it interesting that at no point did any democrats, my overpaidid liberal media friends, or robert mueller or members of his team, none of them -- they wanted to get to the truth? none of them asked the one man on this earth that knows the
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truth. that would know the truth. the wikileaks founder, julian assange. he's the one individual the post of the information about the dnc emails. no one ever took the time to do what we did, and talk to julian assange. i talked to him on air five because they knew what his answer would be and they did not like it. he was telling us again and again, it was never russia. it was never a state party. all these scandals and the ensuing coverups add to what i'm telling you now is the biggest betrayal of view, the american people, that i can think of in my lifetime. the american people have not been regularly lied to. if you've been misinformed. you can propagandized by a political party, and inn abusively biased liberal media that have literally no interest in helping the people of this country or telling you the truth. to them, everything obviously is about politics and advancing the rigid radical left-wing ideology. with all that said, here's all
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the new information we have tonight. on the fake news dossier, hillary clinton has been completely silent. so far, clinton has yet to say anything publicly about financing a document that used current and former russian government sources to create the most obscene, salacious, completely fabricated accusations about donald trump. since hillary clinton is refusing to talk about her role in the dossier, we decided to d reach out to a spokesperson for comment. big surprise, they referred us to other people.e. including the law firm that the clinton campaign used to fund fusion gps. in a statement it said "hillary for america and the dnc compliant with all finance laws." that's informative. hillary silence beyond telling. sources have told "the new york times" that hillary clinton only learned about the dossier when buzzfeed published it back in january. really? hillary has such a great track
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record of telling the truth. the current dnc chairman is running as far away as hee can. claiming he knew nothing about it. disgraced former dnc chairwoman, debbie wasserman schultz says she had no idea what was going on. john podesta told congress he wasn't aware of any of these payments. nobody knows nothing. how is it possible that over $9 million went out the door and people in charge had no idea that money was being spent? so many democrats regurgitated the lies just like the media. speaker of the house paul ryan announced that the fbi will j cooperate with the house document request about this dossier. this is a huge development and we will be following that closely. also fox news has learnedpm that congressional hearings with the fbi informant who is the key witness in this russian bribery scheme, will also be with the chairman and ranking members ofr the committees only. fox news has also been told that senate judiciary committee
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chairman, senator chuck grassley, he rightly is pushing for public hearings with the fbi informant.en we have to remember that in each of these scandals, laws were broken. fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett has put together a list for us. take a look at the side of your screen. these are all the laws that were potentially broken by the clinton campaign and the dnc and the fake news dossier scandal. there's the uranium one scandal. gregg jarrett back at work. federal statutes involving crimes like bribery, mail fraud, wire fraud. racketeering. beyond serious stuff. this is "go to jail" type of things. the clinton email scandal. they are now up on the side of your screen. two house committees are looking into how the fbi and the department of justice during the obama administration handled these issues and for good reason. james comey let hillary clinton off the hook despite the overwhelming amount of evidences of wrongdoing.
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with all this new information, the big question tonight is "who knew what and when?" with a uranium one the fbi had mountains of evidence of russian bribery. did president obama know about this? was it in president obama's daily presidential briefings? apparently, that might have been toldd to the lawyer of the fbi informantno. what did hillary clinton know and when did she know? did she know her husband, bill clinton, was being paid double his speaking fees for a speech in moscow?w? did she f know bill asked for permission while in moscow to meet with russian nuclear officials? did she know eventually bill met with putin during the trip and advocated? he advocated that the uranium one deal be done and also was paid by a bank that had a financial interest in uraniumea one. how could both of them, obama
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and clinton, ever think-- ever -- it's a good idea to give 20% of america's uranium to vladimir putin? by the way, that's a foundational material for nuclear weapons. we need to hear from keyia obama administration officials. for example, eric holder. what did he know and when did he know it? he was in charge of the doj. they are in charge of the fbi. did he know about the evidence of putin's network right here inside the united states? all the crimes being committed in 2009, before this uranium one deal was approved in 2010. eric holder and hillary clinton were part of the committee signed off on this deal, personally. eric holder did and hillary dido there's robert mueller. the fbi director back in 2009. how inconceivable is it that he did not know russian operatives were in our country? trying to break into the uranium market on behalf of vladimir? how could he possibly oversee any investigation into anyet russian collusion? next we have rod rosenstein. in charge of the investigation into this russian bribery plot.
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did he not have a conflict of interest? then we have to ask, james comey. what did he know and why didn't he act? there's also questions about the phony dossier. how is it possible these same people didn't think it was necessary to tell you, the american people, tell congress that the clinton camp and dnc paid for it? we are working hard day and night. you deserve answers to every one of these questions. one other important thing we have to tell you about the night before we bring in our guest, we now have proof that intelligence wasn't the only powerful government entity that was weaponized by the obama administration. you may remember -- i talk about five forces against the president. one is the deep state. they weaponize the power of the intelligence to use against thit president.he the department of justice announced they reached a settlement with multiple tea party groups that were targeted
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specifically by the obama irs because of their political ideology. the settlement includes payouts to several tea party groups and an official apology from the ire which now admits their actions during the obama years were "wrong." the irs targeting people you don't like or agree with? much of this irs weaponization occurred while many of these tea party groups were in the critical and initial stages of forming a resistance to the policies of obama. that stopped them dead in their tracks. many were prevented from organizing and instead were spending all their time, all their resources and money to combat persecution from ace politically inspired irs. okay, the apology and settlement? a day late and a dollar short. and obama got a free ride in 2012 as a result.
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ultimately, the democrats get everything they wanted. the tea party became distracted and ultimately fractured and obama was reelected for a second term in 2012. we have so much new information tonight. joining us now from the american center for law and justice andma of course one of the presidents councils -- jay sekulow and fox news legal analyst, gregg jarrett. jay, you need to take a victory lap. you led this case and the irs. they did weaponize the irs and turn them against anybody that was conservative, tea party -- a big win but obama also got what he wanted.sea >> look, it took three and halff years of litigation to get there.k, our team did a fantastic job of litigating this.of and to the end result is an acknowledgment of the wrongdoing, but also a complete change of policies. there will be an order signed by the court in the next week. meaning that the policies will go forward and they will not be able to do what they did -- which is violate the
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first amendment. whether you are right, left, or center. the idea that the governmentme would target somebody because of the name of the organization or the political position they were exposing, violates the fundamental aspects of freedom of speech, freedom ofts association. we now have an agreement with that. it's a good day for our clients but it was three and a half years. a lot of those groups were not able to continue to advocate. it wasn't just tea party groups. there were groups -- just because of the name they had in their organization, they were targeted for this. beyond the pale. the end result -- >> sean: i was in atlanta in 2010. it was like 25,000 people there, people all over the country. massive crowds that were energized. they wanted to oppose obama's policies. they got stopped in their tracks. this had a big impact. >> we got a result but the harm was done. no question. i'm glad the case is over. glad it was resolved and i'm glad the government took responsibility.
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glad general sessions signed -- moved this forward. he issued a statement today. at the end of the day, three and a half years of litigation to defend a fundamental right of the first amendment. it should have never happened in the first place. >> sean: let's start with the laws come i love that you are so organized as a lawyer. here are all the laws in this case. you are a great partner to have on the show. laws potentially broken intoavav uranium one deal. let's put it up on the screen so our audience can understand it. we sold out national security. >> the first six statutes on the screen are the pay to play statutes. you cannot use your public office -- in exchange for money. the evidence appears to be there. because she used her charity, allegedly, that would be
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racketeering, the government goes after organized crime and the mafia for that. >> sean: okay. for all of these statutes, these are real crimes. i keep saying you can't have a two-tiered justice system. we can't have one justice system for the clintons that smishandled, destroyed classifd top secret special access program information. all of these issues involving the kickbacks, paybacks, pay to play. how do they get away with it and do you think they slide? >> the clintons are escape artist that would make houdini proud. >> sean: [laughs] >> whenever they are caught dangling their feet over the edge of illegality, they usually cdummy up. hillary clinton -- she said 39 times "i cannot recall." it was so short because she could only recall her name and date of birth. she pretends she's dumber than a bucket of hair when it serves her purpose and the brightest person in the room when it helps her.
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>> sean: let's go to the dossier crimes. let's put them up on the screen. this dossier is getting -- the paid $9 million. >> right, you can't pay millions of dollars to foreign nationals because that's against the federal election law, as you can see here.o you can't hide it by filing false or misleading reports. i've been hearing democrats say those are just civil penalties. they are not. the government produces a book. 319 pages outline the federal election laws and all those who have been criminally prosecuted ended up in prison. >> sean: and quickly.nd thankfully, the email scandal -- and finally, they have got this. >> the espionage act. two counts that were tortured and twisted by james comey. and removing classified materials.
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the final one there -- destroying 33,000 documents. >> sean: that's obstruction. >> yeah. >> sean: subpoenaed documents. >> by congress. >> sean: jay, let me go back to you.. when you look at uranium one, you look at the russian dossier. here's my question and where my mind goes. the dossier -- they have the former mi6 guy, fusion gps. he is paying russians for phony information. and then i've got to wonder, without the information that sara carter and john solomon reported that there were fisa warrants? wow, could they have used phony russian propaganda? >> let me tell you something.. if, in fact, the dossier was a basis for why a fisa warrant was issued, you are talking about a whole host of legal issues, you are talking about going to a
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court. and getting a warrant to basically eavesdrop, tap, listen inin on conversations based on the document that was not only unverified -- as james comey said, by the way -- but ask this question, why was the fbi considering paying for it at some point in this process? that question has to be asked. i go back to this whole concept. something we've been talking about for a long time. if this dossier was a political creature, we now know it is -- "opposition research." if christopher steele was utilizing russian access to geto this information and then james comey said it was unverified and they went to court to get fisa warrants? you are raising a whole host of civil liberty issues. who knows what they did to the court. >> sean: it admissible in the court of law.ue >> i file motions to suppress the subpoenas in the document that resulted in that, probably.
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>> the fbi has become this all-powerful renegade deep state agency. they covered up the dossier information and the uranium one information. >> sean: that includes mueller and rosenstein and comey? >> and andrew wiseman. all four are on this trump russia investigation and they>> are so compromised that they need to start answering questions before congress. i >> sean: we thank you both. we are only getting started. we have more coming up, stay with us. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? full-bodied. afi sure had a lot on my mind. my 30-year marriage... 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again?
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>> if there was anyone that was colluding with the russians to influence the election, look no further than the clintons and the dnc. this is hypocrisy at its highest level and i think it may be a new low in american politics. everything the clinton campaign and the dnc were accusing this president of doing, over the past year they were actually doing themselves it turns out. i think this is a major scandal for the democrats. >> sean: everything they were accusing the white house of, they were guilty of on steroids and human growth hormones. that was sarah sanders. criticizing the democrats over
9:26 pm
their own collusion with russia on a massive scale. during the 2016 presidential election, joining us now is john solomon and sara carter in the attorney representing thisis all-important fbi informant, victoria toensing is with us. before we get everyone reaction, we reached out to thew american law firm. "the assertions in the piece published in circa are false and unfounded..." sara, i want to get your response to that first. >> i prepared a response to that. i want to read it to you. i emphasized that there was no relation between their lobbying and consulting efforts the russian nuclear company. that's what they stated in our story. and their in-kind work for the global clinton initiative.
9:27 pm
their work was unrelated to the acquisition of uranium one which is what they claimed. by their parent company and client. i laid out the facts. i stand by the integrity of the story and i will continue to follow the developments, o wherever they lead. that's my job. stating the facts and whereverop they lead, we will go. >> sean: victoria, you are representing the client that knew fbi -- how many years was he involved in looking into this effort by putin and russia to infiltrate the american uranium market? >> from 2009 to 2014 when they finally indicted the individual. >> sean: in 2009, he had, according to reports of john and sara, he had documents, emails, his own personal experience and even recorded conversations. is that true? >> yes, the fbi recorded conversations. he has records of those but they took them back.
9:28 pm
my latest request i want to tell you -- from the congressional committee, a letter of preservation to the fbi, for all the evidence they accumulated in these cases. the political maneuvers they do, the legal request you make when they alert somebody that there may be an adversarial party, you say you keep all the evidence. if destroy it, it is obstruction. >> sean: wow. how soon do you think we will be hearing from this all-important yours?of >> that's a really good question. people need to understand the process. right now he's putting together and organizing all of his documents. a it will take a couple of weeks. we will prepare and we will be very organized in how we get together a presentation. then we will meet with committee staff. it will be low key and not in all the public.
9:29 pm
there will be an introduction into my client and the congressional committee to see what there is. >> sean: john, let me go to your reporting and sara's reporting. he will present evidence that he knew in 2009. bribery, kickbacks, extortion, money laundering, racketeering. if you knew that in 2009, i think it would be dumb under any i circumstances to give putin, a hostile actor and bad guy, 20% of our uranium. knowing all of this, how could anybody logically make that decision? it doesn't make sense on paper. moneywise, it doesn't make sense. >> there are four decisions that ultimately occurred in the obama administration from the time the informant found the information and when the charges were finally brought in 2014.
9:30 pm
four very lucrative decisions. for the russian nuclear in industry. the phrase we know about is uranium one, it's been written about a lot.. and then a commercial agreement. a u.s.-russia civil cooperation agreement. it opened up a lot more dialogue between the united states and russia. the third was approval of a deal. opening the door to do direct big nuclear company. all these things are going on. on the face they may seem fine to people unless you know the company involved in it is engaged in this wrongdoing. that's what's great concern to this congress. nobody knew there was wrongdoin wrongdoing. >> sean: sara, with your reporting, too. what have we learned? this was designed by vladimir putin. he had agents in this country. p using all this illegal activity to get what john is describing.
9:31 pm
>> yes, he wanted to penetrate the american market. not only was he searching for a global marketplace, heen specifically wanted to penetrate the american market. that's what he did. i think as victoria, through her client, will begin to unravel -- possibly some of these threads we will see a lot more. it wasn't just in 2009 when the client began to work undercover. but previous to 2009, the fbi had gathered enough evidence to show it was happening either before 2009, this was a long and well thought methodical plan by vladimir putin to penetrate the u.s. market and i think as information continues toto develop, we will unravel those pieces of those threads for the american public. >> sean: victoria, i know youec have to protect your client and i don't want you to step outsido and i know you wouldn't any way. w w was he aghast knowing what he
9:32 pm
knows, in spite of all that he knew what was happening? >> he was furious when the cfius decision was made. to sell to the russian companies at 20% of our uranium. he asked the people, the fbi, what is going on? why are they doing this? >> sean: and then got slapped with an nda. >> i will tell you what he said at another time. >> sean: can you give me a hint? >> just as frustrated as myru client. he said politics. >> sean: wow. >> he said politics. >> sean: a powerful statement. what can we expect next, john? >> a lot of activity that has ta go on in these criminal investigations. we remembered the destruction of evidence. the blackberries being smashed with hammers and things being erased. these committees are going to put out subpoenas or orders. to make sure like the dossier case and fbi case don't get
9:33 pm
destroyed or lost. and then people have to get prepared. what did the fbi know so they can build this moment where this great informant will begin to talk about what he witnessed undercover. >> sean: you guys have all been amazing and so many ways and have worked so hard. sara, we are so very grateful. john, victoria. always good to see you. we look forward to these coming days and weeks. the man who broke the story,rd peter schweizer and sebastian gorka. and laura ingraham. go to my twitter page right now. @hannity. does hillary clinton needs to come clean? people will go to jail over this. @hannity on twitter. and laura ingraham, sebastian gorka, peter schweizer, next. you know who likes to be
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>> don't you think it was a little bit important for congress to know back in january, when we were first briefed on this russian dossiert that it was actually paid for by the opposition party? the people that made thee russians successful are the democrats. the people that have continuedde this nonsense over and over and over again, looking for russians behind every >> sean: devin nunes giving his thoughts on the fake news. anti-trump dossier that was funded by the dnc. only one of the scandals nowow surrounding the entire democratic party. hillary clinton, the media, the other of course being the uranium one deal, involving allegations of bribery and kickbacks and all sorts of other things. joining us now, he was the first person to expose the uranium one issue. the author of the number one "new york times" best seller, "clinton cash." the president of the government of accountability institute peter schweizer. is it worse than what you do at the time?
9:39 pm
and as much as how actually knew about all these crimes committed by putin operatives inside the country? did you know that part? >> it is. yes, sean.un it's very interesting to see what this witness will tell us about bribery. it's worth mentioning that it started in 2005 when the clintons helped this canadian billionaire help acquire uranium assets in kazakhstan. bill clinton went over there, he sweet talked the dictator. what was hillary clinton's role? we have testimony in the form of a deposition running the operation at the time. he said the prime minister in kazakhstan went to the u.s. senate and wanted to meet with hillary clinton and she refused to meet with him until the uranium concession was granted.
9:40 pm
we already have this case of pressure and after he got this concession, he gave $30 million to the clinton foundation. >> sean: through latvia or some other place? russia paying the clinton foundation? we know there's money laundering. >> that comes later. that's part of the current scandal that i think the witness will testify to. the point is we already have testimony from foreign government officials that there was pressure. we know he said his first donation ever was $30 million to the clinton foundation. it took off from there. when hillary clinton says in 2010 a couple years later that uranium one, i didn't know anything aboutat it? she was intimately involved with this company over the last five years. a we have testimony of foreign officials saying so. >> sean: let me bring in sebastian gorka.
9:41 pm
i meant to introduce you but i got ahead of myself, and i often do. i apologize. dr. gorka, i want to look big picture here. i thought sarah sanders said this well and i say it a step further. everything that they tried too say about donald trump and his campaign, they are guilty of. i will add on steroids and human growth hormones. that they sold out america's security in this case. give me the big picture take away. because now the media has gone silent on russia, virtually silent. >> here's the big picture take away, sean. for more than a year, the fake news industrial complex and the democrats and hillary and podesta and ben rhodes have been slinging filth against the president and against his team. none of it has stock but in the last week, we've had an explosion of scandals that allm. are true and all go back to the
9:42 pm
dnc and to hillary. the trouble is you have to do a massive service because it's just you. it's you, sara, solomon, peter. that's it. there is the uranium one deal. that's treasonous. we have to do that. the dossier which is about russian disinformation being used to slander trump. and certainly there's james comey using that disinformation to create a special prosecutor trigger, that is used to investigate the president. and then there is fusion gps. how many stories are out there that are fake, that came from moscow and were peddled by fusion gps? four scandals in one week, sean. >> sean: the russians infiltrated our national
9:43 pm
security to corner the uranium market and they succeeded and they knew all the crimes that were committed. >> if this had happened in the 1950s, there would be people up on treason charges right now. the rosenbergs, okay? this is equivalent to what theen rosenbergs did and those people got the chair. think about it. giving away nuclear capabilities to our enemies, that's what we are talking about. >> sean: last word. our friend, peter. >> it will be amazing and important for that information to be preserved by the fbi. this eyewitness needs to be protected. i think we're going to see a lot more coming out on clinton pay to play. i think gregg jarrett is right. major problems for the clintons when it comes to violating federal law.ra >> sean: i've got to tell you, the most unbelievable. if it was a novel, i would not believe it. it takes you that far.
9:44 pm
selling out national t security. then literally using russian lies to influence the election. propagandizing the american people.op you guys have been phenomenal. good work. we will stay on it. we thank you both. laurak ingraham. i think she is supposed to have a show here at fox. where is she? i she's joining us next, straight oh well, all hope is lost! oh thanks! clearly my whitening toothpaste is not cutting it. time for whitestrips. crest glamorous white whitestrips are the only ada-accepted whitening strips proven to be safe and effective. they work below the enamel surface to whiten 25x better than a leading whitening toothpaste. hey, nice smile! thanks! i crushed the tissue test! yeah you did! crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
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>> sean: as we continue, joining us now with reaction to all these scandals surrounding hillary clinton, the democrats, and those lies, yeah, russians impacting an election. i assume in the year 2020 she will be the host of the fox news show "the ingraham angle." >> monday! >> sean: i know you are number one on the new york best-sellers list. here's the problem, we are waiting. when do we get the "ingraham angle?" >> we are doing it on my pencils in the s office across the hall, we've got the staplers. just as soon as the stapler -- >> sean: throwing pencil darts at my head. thank you very much. i just can't get over how they
9:49 pm
used russian lies to influence the election. and now everyone's gone silent on russia. now that they know. we've been saying this is going to boomerang back. b never mind they knew putin had infiltrated the country and everyone acknowledged -- the fbi, eric holder, the president probably had it. obama and his presidential-- day briefings. i cannot believe the degree of lying, hypocrisy. they put this country in danger. >> going back to the '90s, i had a flashback of all the dirty politicking and campaigning, the use of private investigators the clintons utilized back in the '90s. remember the guy carey linzer? he was going through people's garbage. this is what they've always now they've taken it to an international intrigue degree
9:50 pm
involving the former soviet union. t when you have a kremlinin writtn dossier that is compiled by the christopher steele fellow, he puts it altogether. all the fake details are provided by russia. the idea that the highest level of the clinton campaign and perhaps even hillary herself did not know about it? did not know where it came from? that doesn't pass the straight face test. i guess we have to hear from mrs. clinton. i want a real interview with her. not a favorable journalist. she should come on and talk to a serious journalist about what she knew. >> sean: laura, that's never going to happen. >> well, she's afraid. >> sean: she's compromised. she was lashing out at me and fox news channel by name just earlier this week. i want to get your take on uranium one.
9:51 pm
under no circumstances would a smart person give vladimir putin 20% of our uranium?cu and he had russian operatives in the country. that was their goal to corner the market and they had an informant telling them aboutt everything they are doing. bribery, kickbacks, extortion. how could this possibly happen?u >> all of that that you just said, sean. add the fact that we have this committee on foreign the cfius board which includes the entire cabinet of the obama administration. obviously hillary sits on it and the secretary of state, they all sit on this committee. you could poll ten people right across the street at union station, the train station in washington, who don't know anything about politics but if k you ask them "okay, we could approve or disapprove of russia getting 20% of our uranium that could be used for nuclear weapons, nuclear power, do you think that's a good idea?"
9:52 pm
10 out of 10, maybe nine if you consider a drunk guy on the street -- >> sean: or liberal joe he doesn't have a brain. what you have here -- they knew vladimir putin had infiltrated the country.e had spies in the country. was doing illegal activities in the country. and they all approved it anyway. and then the money comes back. i don't understand -- i can at least understand liberal logic. there's nothing here that makes any sense except that they soldt out the country, a massive appeasement mentality. and they are corrupt. >> it is corrupt to the core. perhaps other financial interests that we don't know, i think there's a lot that we just don't know. there are a lot of pieces to this puzzle, sean. that we still don't know.
9:53 pm
we did not have a justice department that really wanted to be transparent in the way they handled this case. a case that has many different aspects to it. they did not want an informant to testify to congress. there was no real congressional oversight in this again, on its face is ludicrous we ever would have approved it. just on its face but the fact that they are accusing trump of all this? when all this was happening? that's what truly makes americans tuned into this really sick. >> sean: congrats on your new book. are you showing up to work on monday or is this just a big joke? i've never seen you sign a contract or show up to work. >> maybe the week after. i'm just doing a very zen approach to show. breathing exercises. >> sean: you are like o'reilly. well, o'reilly didn't show up for work but he had been working here for 20 years.
9:54 pm
>> [laughs] that's a low blow. i'm working hard across the hall, at my desk. >> sean: monday, we will see you monday. >> am i going to pass? >> sean: in the chair if she did not show up. kilmeade will fill inil because he is on every other hour of the day. "the ingraham angle" starts on monday. we hope you will be watching. we will continue.rt ♪ l where are we?
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it's home insurance made easy. ththe next energyngs toto power our dreams,re will be american energy. >> alright. after two years, special project, by the way, where are my glasses? >> sean: alright. after two years, special project, by the way, where are my glasses? tomorrow is finally the day?-- i want my glasses. yes, it was an accident. that you get to see it. award winning film. i'm so proud of it, executive producer, the movie is called let there be light. i hope you can go.
9:59 pm
take your whole family. take a look. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, i'm coming> >> you're drunk? >> yeah, can't pull the wool over your eyes. >> the basic tenet of the christianity is? >> don't you dare tell me about the love and the compassion of your so-called god. >> what did do you think it does to the boys to take the death of their brother and use it to do your carnival act? >> it pays the bills. >> >> clinically dead in the ambulance for four minutes. it's a miracle >> i saw davey. all i wanted to do was, i wanted to put my arms around him. i don't know what to do. >> you got the best scientific explanation, hasn't brought you any comfort. would you consider consulting a different source? >> sean: i promise it will touch your heart, mind and i thinkso your soul. we're very proud of the project. you can get information about
10:00 pm
where it's playing in theaters,, tell your friends, i hope you enjoy it. harris faulkner is in at ten. next. see you monday. ♪ >> harris: it was a close call and republicans delivered for president trump today. you're watching "fox news tonight."to i'm harris faulkner. tough vote with 20gop members saying no to a budget resolution that had to pass. without it they would have had a pretty desperate situation on their hands. the president made it clear the stakes for his party could not be any higher here is paul ryan, speaker, and nancy pelosi former speaker, after the vote. >> this was an enormous step in the direction of getting taxs reform and tax cuts for middle class families over the line into, law, done. >> what the republicans did today was to give, was to


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